Student Induction Program (SIP)

Date Department Title Link
25-01-2022 Political Science Felicitation to Senior Citizens View More
15-11-2022 Economics CAREER MOTIVATION View More
12-01-2021 History QUIZ Programme View More
12-12-2021 History Career opportunities View More
03-03-2022 Commerce Student Induction Program View More
19-02-2022 Incubation Cell Seminar on Technology Business Incubation View More
17-2-2022 Hindi HINDI KI JAAGAROOKATA View More
08-02-2022 Internship Committee Seminar on Internships View More
05-02-2022 Zoology and Aquaculture Technology Guest Lecture on Medical coding View More
29-1-2022 Department of Applied Nutrition Role Play Food Groups View More
27-01-2022 Statistics Poster Making Competition View More
21-01-2022 Telugu VEMANA JAYANTHI View More
12-01-2022 Student’s Union Committee NATIONAL YOUTH DAY View More
10-1-2022 Telugu VISIT TO BOOK EXHIBITION View More
7-1-2022 Computer Science ROLE PLAY View More
7-1-2022 Mathematics Awareness Aptitude and Reasoning View More
6-1-2022 Department of Zoology National Birds Day View More
6-1-2022 Mathematics Awareness about placements View More
5-1-2022 Mathematics Awareness on how to use HTML View More
3-1-2022 COMPUTER SCIENCE Build Your Future With Technology View More
3-1-2022 MOOCs Committee Awareness on Online Courses View More
18-12-2021 COMMERCE Career Advancement View More
17-12-2021 Economics “Minimum Support Price” View More
15-12-2021 COMMERCE Career Development View More
13-12-2021 Department of Zoology and Aquaculture Technology Guest Lecture on Our Waste Our Responsibility View More
11-12-2021 Telugu Awareness on Traditional Environment Literature View More
06-12-2021 Bio Chemistry Scope and Prospects of Biochemistry View More
03-12-2021 No More Tears Committee GUEST LECTURE ON STUDENT PSYCHOLOGY View More
10-11-2021 Hindi Desh Bhakti our Rashtra Nirman View More
28-08-2021 Telugu Telugu Bhasha Vishistatha View More
24-04-2021 Botany Environmental Pollution View More
23-04-2021 Commerce Career Development Programme View More
23-04-2021 English Communication Skills [Interview Skills & Group Discussions] View More
22-04-2021 Economics Motivation Class for after Course Completion View More
22-04-2021 English Speaking Skills[Sounds of English, Stress, and Intonation] View More
19-04-2021 Telugu Book Review View More
19-04-2021 Telugu Gita Sloka Patanam View More
17-04-2021 Political Science & Economics Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Role in India as a Champion of Weaker Sections View More
10-04-2021 Hindi Vyakaran View More
08-04-2021 Hindi Vupanyas Samrat – Premchand View More
07-04-2021 Computer Science Awareness on Learning Management System View More
07-04-2021 Statistics Role of Statistics in Various Sectors View More
07-04-2021 Applied Nutrition Nutritional Games View More
06-04-2021 Physics Workshop on Virtual Labs View More
06-04-2021 Applied Nutrition Career Opportunities in Food Technology View More
06-04-2021 Mathematics Arithmetic Ability View More
03-04-2021 Zoology Foldscope-Assembly And Usage View More
01-04-2021 BioChemistry Preparation of Analytical Solutions View More
01-04-2021 MicroBiology Display Of Microorganisms as Food View More
01-04-2021 MicroBiology “Future Prospects of Microbiology View More
01-04-2021 BioChemistry Preparation of Analytical Solutions View More
01-04-2021 Physics Role Of Project Work In Applied Sciences View More
31-03-2021 History & NSS Units I & II National Flag Design View More
31-03-2021 Computer Science Computer Oriented Languages View More
30-03-2021 Computer Science Awareness on MOOCs View More
30-03-2021 Statistics Applications Of Statistics Through SPSS View More
29-03-2021 Electronics Soldering Mechanism View More
29-03-2021 Physics Global Positioning System View More
29-03-2021 Library Library Awareness Programme View More
25-03-2021 Chemistry Colligative Properties View More
22-03-2021 Telugu Motivation and Personality Development View More