There are two hostel buildings, each four strayed, within the college premises, which provide the inmates with a very congenial atmosphere.

Regulations -

Admission - Admission is given only to the students, whose parents stay either abroad or away from Vijayawada. Admission will be made on first come first serve basis in the vacancies available.

Visiting hours - The parents or local guardians whose names have been included in the visitors list in the application forms and approved, will be permitted to meet their wards on 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month from 8-00a.m to 5-00p.m. The young male visitors will not be allowed to visit any resident of the hostel. Inmates are allowed to go out at 8-00 am with their parents on every 2nd and 4th Sunday and they should come back to the hostel by 5 p.m.

Discipline - It is the responsibility of every hostility to keep her room and corridor clean and maintain perfect silence during study hours i.e., from 5-00a.m to 7-00a.m and 8-00p.m to 10.30p.m.the study hours will be supervised by the resident tutors.

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Medical facilities - The hostel provides certain basic medical facilities for the benefit of inmates. A qualified doctor visits the campus every alternate day throughout the year. Anybody who does not feel well should first report to the care taker, so that she will take her to the doctor. Any major complaints will have to be taken care of by the parents on the intimation of the warden.

Vacation - Generally, the students will be sent home only for terminal holidays. They have to handover their cupboard keys and room keys, take a gate pass before leaving the hostel. Students are not allowed to keep any valuables namely gold, silver etc. In the hostel. The management is not responsible for the safety and security of any valuables if kept by the students unauthorized.