The Applied Nutrition department was started in 1993. The Department offers B.Sc. FMB- Food and nutrition, Micro-Biology, Bio-Chemistry, FMC – Microbiology, Food and nutrition, Chemistry, and MBAN. The certificate course is – Food and nutrition and Food safety.

Courses Offered  :B. Sc  MBAN( Microbiology, Biochemistry, Applied Nutrition (1993)).

Restructured Courses : B.Sc.-F.M.C, F.M.B. 2010-2011
Food science and Technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry (2010).
Food science and Technology, Microbiology, Chemistry. (2010).

Keeping in view the academic trends in the latest scenario eligibility is given for M.P.C. Students along with BI.P.C Students.

Certificate Course : Food and Nutrition

Add on Courses : You and Your Food and  Food preservation

Introduction of need based and job oriented current topics like Food Processing,  Preservation & Entrepreneurship.

TEACHING  AND LEARNING : In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method ICT based teaching, practical orientation in labs, Power point presentations, display of charts, live models, Case study, Project works, surveys, seminars, group discussions, wall magazines are used and arranging field trips  to provide practical exposure.


  • Slow learners – Study hours, Remedial class, Revision Class, Revision exams.
  • Weak learners –  Repeated revision class, explanation in vernacular language, crash course for 15 days, working on old question papers.
  • Advanced learners – Seminars, each one teach one, Preparing for competitions, power point presentation, projects.
  • Strong learners –  Interaction with professional experts, models preparations, event managers for all department activities.
  • Tutor ward system helps in counseling the students.
  •  2 weeks Bridge coaching for first degree students.

Job orientation : Job orientation is given by sending them to internship programmes and on job training at VGR Diabetic hospital, AMC Cook ware, VLCC.


  • Organizing campus interviews by VLCC in the campus as a Dieticians.
  • 50% students  are absorbed as Dieticians in various reputed organizations like hospitals, Fitness centers and as Technical specialist in food industries, CDPO’s.
  • Some are settled in NIN, CARE, WHO, ICRISAT and as faculty in international firms.


  • Study on “Nutritional Food labeling at supermarkets”.
  • “Assessment of Nutritional Status of Athelets”.
  • “Prevalence of Nutritional Anemia” in S.D.M.S.M. Kalasala.
  • “Study on Breast feeding among reproductive women” in Mogalrajpuram.
  • Microbiological Analysis of Milk & Milk Products.(Applied Nutrition & Microbiology)
  • Quality Control Test on the Street Foods. (Applied Nutrition & Microbiology)
  • A project on Health Status to the residents of Giripuram, Moghalrajpuram and Kristhurajpuram(Microbiology, Biochemistry and Applied Nutrition).
  • Prevalence of diabetes in Vijayawada (Microbiology, Biochemistry and Applied Nutrition) in collaboration with PSIMS.


Dr K.N. Vara Lakshmi is a Consultant for

  • Dr. Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences, Chinaoutpalli.
  • Model Dairy, Nidamanuru.
  • Counselor for Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Open University and IGNOU.
  • Training the women self-help groups, Anganwadi workers, nursing students of corporate hospitals as Nutrition activists.
  • Demonstrates Food preservation techniques to educational institutions, Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations.
  • The department is offering diet consultancy  to Pregnant  women, Lactating mothers, infants, School-children, Adolescents, Obese, Anaemic, HIV, Diabetic and Hypertensive  patients  both  in and outside the college premises.

Kusuma Neela is acting as a Consultant at Dr.Ramesh hospitals.


  • “Nutrition for AIDS patients” and Protein Calorie Malnutrition in collaboration with Vasavya Mahila Mandali a National organization.
  • Internship in collaboration with VGR Diabetic hospital.
  • On job training in collaboration with VLCC.
  • “Low cost Balanced diet” for slum dwellers in collaboration with Anganwadi center of ICDS.
  • “Diet plan for different diseases” in collaboration with Railway hospital, south central Railway.
  • Project works, Surveys in collaboration with Dr. Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Nutritional Awareness programme in collaboration with Inner Wheel Club.


  • Well equipped and wisely designed laboratory with sophisticated equipment.    
  • Departmental library with 150 books, computer with printer and scanner, internet connection with wifi.
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