Department of Botany was  established in 1986 and has made its vision to unravel the wondrous mysteries of the plant sciences to students. The strongholds of the department are promoting excellence in teaching methodologies, encouraging practical orientation in the core subject , development in the field study. It is well equipped with Herbarium, Museum, Library, Laboratory and is very enthusiastic to offer rich learning experience to students.

Aims and Objectives :

  • To impart best education to the students.
  • To train the students to obtain high ranks in common entrance tests.
  • To create personally matured and professionally equipped integrated women.
  • To empower every student to extend into the society.
  • To develop self confidence

Courses Offered :-

  • B.Z.C –  Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  • Introduction of need based job oriented current topics like Medicinal Botany, Horticulture, Bio-Technology and Applied Micro Biology.
  • To provide academic flexibility to students – Certificate course like “Economic Importance of plants and microbial products” and Add on courses – “Medicinal Botany and Mushrooms Cultivation” are offered

Resutlt : We are obtaining 95 to 100%.

Guest Lectures & Workshops:
“Through learning comes greater learning” is the stead fast belief of the faculty & students as the mind is a fertile ground where the seeds of knowledge strike roots & empower the individual.
Every year the department organized guest lecturers & workshops by eminent persons to improve knowledge levels of the students in recent topics.

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