The Computer Science department was started in 1989. The Department offers Bachelor of Science in computer science, electronics, statistics and mathematics. The department believes in continuous knowledge enhancement by means of paper publications, regular participation in seminars and workshops.
Information technology has revolutionized world over the years. It has changed the very face of the society. It has found wide range of applications in different spheres of life. With an overwhelming increase in the widespread usage and popularity, computer education has become inevitable for the common man.
The department of Computer Science exists from the very beginning of the college (1989). The Department has multidisciplinary courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Electronics. Each discipline enables the students to be employable or explore new horizons in the way of higher studies and research.
Students choose to major in computer science for a variety of reasons. Many of our students graduate to rewarding computer-related careers in software development, testing, software engineering, system administration, research and development in private and governmental sectors.
Owing to the fact that information technology has made an impression in every discipline, most of our graduates acquire solid foundation which paves way for career in multifaceted disciplines. Demand for graduates well-versed in computer science is ever increasing in this information technology era.
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