Director's Desk

​​From the Director’s Desk 


Dr. T. Vijaya Lakshmi



‘Let noble thoughts come to us from every side’  -  Rig Veda

                 35 years may not be much in the life of an educational institution, but surely Sri Durga Malleshwara Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala had achieved much, in fulfilling the vision of its founders under the aegis of Siddhartha Academy of General and Technical Education. The College now stands foremost in the region, in imparting higher education to women and empowering them to be equal partners in the development of society. We are guided in this, by the philosophy of our Institution, ‘Atma Deepo Bhava’ for an enlightened living, as highlighted by Siddhartha Goutam our Buddha. We strive in His path, to achieve - The Correct – View, Intention, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration.

                In doing so, over these years; the cumulative efforts of our past Principals, Administrators and Faculty, Students and Parents, Academicians and Officers, and Patrons and Well Wishers; had resulted in our present status as an Autonomous and Accredited College with Potential for Excellence. The mission of infusing in women - excellent education with effective  pedagogy,  skill  development  for  employability,  creativity  along  with  lateral thinking,  technological  skills  leading  to  global  competencies,  innovation  capabilities  for nation building, sporting spirit with competitiveness, cooperative abilities for participation in community activities, sensitivity for preservation of culture and heritage and consciousness for conservation of environment -  the qualities desired for their empowerment; have been accomplished to a fair extent. The alumnae of the College stand testimony to its achievements thus far.

               However, the mammoth task of employing higher education as a means to enabling women to be equal partners, remains to be achieved. Our present objective is to double our efforts through research enriched education, action  oriented  research,  digitalized  skills  training  and  excellence  in  arts  and  sports;  to achieve the NAAC accreditation level of ‘Institution of Excellence’. We intend to involve all the stake holders including media, in building alliances and collaborative partnerships with government, research institutions and non-governmental organizations to further our cause.

                For women to transform from being - complainants to reformers, followers to leaders, observers to achievers, employees to innovators and ecologically conscious to usher in a post- carbon world; they need to first empower themselves educationally. Towards this, our sprawling College campus provides the best possible infrastructure; and gurus to instil character and mentor them into holistically developed leaders in their own right.

                  I look forward to working with all our students, faculty, staff, former faculty, alumni and well-wishers to meet the challenges ahead. We shall continue to empower women, who will go on to play a transforming role in the society to bridge the man-woman and culture-nature divides and work towards an equitable and egalitarian society.