History Department

The department was established in 1983 to promote women education and to produce women graduates in Vijayawada. Courses offered B.A : TM in 1983 with History, Economics & Political Science as subjects. Certificate course : Tourism and Travel Management.

Aims and Objectives:

  • The department’s aim is to orient the students in understanding the past, learn from the present to build a bright future.
  • The department is planning to give more practical sessions and to put the maximum efforts to improve the knowledge of the students.
  • To inculcate a spirit of curiosity and to cultivate a sense of History.
  • To infuse a sense of pride in the culture and heritage of our nation.
  1. Spacious class rooms with black board.
  2. Comfort seating arrangement to the students.
  3. E-Class rooms are available
  4. Departmental Library is maintained for the students.

Curricular Activities :

   Teaching Methods

  1. Guest lectures and seminars are arranged frequently to the students to enrich their knowledge. of the students.
  2. Coin exhibition, Model Exhibitions organized.
  3. Practical knowledge is inculcated to the students through project works.
  4. Free internet facility is provided to staff and students in the department.
  5. Research is facility is provided in the library.

Bridge Course

At the entry level the I B.A students are given orientation on history basics to acquaint them with basics of the syllabus.

To slow learners 15days special coaching is given.

Practical Exposure : Field trips and historical visits to some places were organized.

Kondapalli khilla
Victoria Musuem
Undavalli Caves
Gandhi hill(planitorium)
Mughalrajapuram caves
The students projects are-

History of Indian National Flag.
History of Andhra State and Andhra Pradesh
Kondapalli Khilla
River Krishna
Victoria Museum
Amaravathi and Undavalli Caves
History of Hyderabad.
Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam Dams

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