The Department of Physics was established in the year 1986 to produce women graduates in physics in Vijayawada. The courses offered by the dept. are B.SC-PMC, PME & PMC’S. Diversified and certificate courses are

  • Medical physics
  • physics in daily life
  • mechanism and repairing of home appliances

The aim and objectives of the dept. are

  • To impart best quality education and to train the students to lead in all walks of life and they may achieve fulfillment to shine as eminent women.
  • To improve practical skills and knowledge and to inculcate research skills among the students through project works.
  • To develop the education and self confidence among the students through diversified and certificate courses (job orientation training program, internship training).

Presently there are five faculty members and three technical supporting staff .The dept. has well equipped labs with advanced electronic equipment. In addition to this E-class rooms are also provided.

Most significant step in the growth of dept. began with autonomous status from 2003 onwards .The curriculum has been suitably modified to meet the global challenging needs with latest developments.

Besides class room lectures, guest lecturers, seminars are arranged very frequently by eminent personalities from various universities to enrich their knowledge.

Workshops and science exhibitions are also arranged to develop technical knowledge .To develop practical knowledge and exposure field trips and industrial visits are arranged every year. To inculcate research skills students are encouraged to different types of project works i.e. analysis, problem solving, care-study, internship and other minor projects.

The feedback is helpful for a teacher to know their teaching abilities and also to improve their teaching skills. Regular class wise parent meets are arranged. It is a good helping hand and to empower students through mentoring, guiding & counseling. Faculty recharges their knowledge by participating in various national seminars and workshops. Also to promote interdisciplinary infiltration of knowledge staff also participate in faculty forum lectures to make all the members well versed in latest developments of all fields. We are also maintaining MOU’S with various university faculty members to share our knowledge. Dept. organizes various service activities to inculcate the habit of extension activities and service motto among the students and staff of our dept. Our students have secured so many prizes at state level and national level seminars, Essay writing, quiz in presenting working models etc. Many of our students have got good placements and secured many top ranks in the university entrance examination for physics. Faculty of  physics dept. actively participate in the college activities by extending their services as conveners of various associations. All these efforts helped us to receive the best dept. award from the college authorities in the year 2008-09.

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